We produce according to our own recipes as well as to the individual specifications made by our customers.

Our state of the art production plant was erected in 2001 and it complies with all environmental and safety requirements.

Our continuous quality control and the outstanding motivation of our staff guarantee constant quality.

Our extensive stock keeping enables us to offer short delivery times.

Manufacturing of:

InoTec stainless steel pickling products

InoTec Pickling Paste

InoTec Pickling Paste Extra

InoTec Pickling Paste Extra Special

InoTec Pickling Paste RS

InoTec Pickling Spray Gel

InoTec Pickling Spray Gel Extra

InoTec Pickling Spray Gel Extra Special

InoTec Pickling Spray Gel RTS

InoTec Pickling Bath Concentrate 1:1

InoTec Pickling Bath Concentrate NR

InoTec cleansing agent for stainless steel and NE-metal surfaces

InoTec Surface Cleaner P

InoTec passivation agent

InoTec Passivation Agent PV

InoTec neutralisation agent

InoTec Neutralisation Paste NP

InoTec cleansing and conservation agents for surfaces

InoTec Cleansing and Conservation Agent RK

InoTec Protectoil

InoTec electrolytes for electropolishing systems

InoTec Elektrolyt PRG 907

Various customer recipes for the chemical treatment of stainless steel surfaces.